Dealing With Cyber Security

March 6, 2017

Cyber security in today’s world is just as important as police and military. The problem however is that while we have the police for civilian protection and the military for border protection, we have nothing or no one for cyber security. You alone are responsible for what happens online with you and your identity.

There are many ways how you can secure your cyber identity. Some are simple and some cost a lot of money but here, I simply want to show you the easiest and most effective ways to protect your identity and security online.

Never Share Your Details Online

Your date of birth, your full name, your address, your mother’s maiden name and all such things that are easy to find online – never share these details online. It is alarmingly easy to find these social details through websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. To access your credit card account, your email and other such private areas, one needs only a combination of information. Such as mother’s maiden name, your birthdate and so on.

Six things never to share on Facebook.

Always Stay Behind A Firewall

Firewalls are the easiest way to stay protected and safe. To begin with, install a paid firewall option that provides you with regular updates and periodic intimation about threats. There are several free firewall options but paid is usually the best way forward. Remember that a firewall is your first and last line of defense towards anything or anyone wanting to access your computer and therefore your private information.

Malware Scanners

Things such as keyloggers, cookie collectors are real. They aren’t just make belief and a part of Hollywood. These programs exist and they can just as easily steal your private data without you ever realizing it. To prevent such programs from logging on your system, install malware scanners.

Cyber Bullying

A lesser known cybercrime that people are not aware about is cyber bullying. People tend to disregard accounts of cyber bullying because the idea is unbelievable that someone can actually affect the emotional wellbeing of another person just by harassing them online. You can always block the person! You can avoid them, report them! Yes all that works but not always.

The best way to avoid cyber bullying is through peer support. If nothing works approach the police and take their assistance.