I Feel For The Syrian Refugees

March 6, 2017

Why do we have wars? Why is bloodshed so necessary? If we are ever to grace a journey out into space, we need to join together under a collective banner of humanity. The Syrian Civil War puts a serious dent in humanity’s quest for space dominance.

A nation that was once prosperous and considered modern is today a slaughter house at best. Condemned by the world, it is also a nation that is abandoned by the world. Humans have learnt nothing from the first couple of World Wars. The world created the Syrian crisis together and does not want to take responsibility for the civilians affected in the aftermath.

I question the double standards of the world. Just how easily have the US imposed bans, Germans shown apathy and the Saudi government decided to discard their own brethren to their own devices? Do you even know the total refugee count from the Syrian crisis? It stands currently at 11 million and growing. Such a large number of refugees are in fact dominated by educated individuals and families who once had a prosperous life back home in Syria.

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While the start of the Syrian crisis saw a call to arms in several parts of the world, not much has happened ever since. It was as if the entire world was galvanized by seeing the lifeless photographs of Alan Kurdish on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea Coast. But then gradually that image was replaced by something else. Massive international outcry over the plight of the Syrian refugees has subsided and now even the news channels do not want to show this anymore. Have we lost all empathy? Is violence desensitizing us towards human plight?

The Events That Led To The Unfortunate Photograph Of Alan

Investigations revealed that a boat that carried Alan and his family travelled on rough waters and it was overstuffed. Probably the only law on sea is never to go beyond the safe weight of a vessel and that was violated in the pursuit for easy quick money. Next mistake was the lack of life jackets and protection for those onboard. How could little Alan survive his unfortunate tumble into the waters in such a condition then?

While we can point fingers at who and what is responsible, the fact remains that Alan’s incident isn’t the cause of a boatman trying to make more money but human penchant for cutting corners for profits.