Food Processing For Experts

March 14, 2017
Food Processing For Experts

Food processors can be the king or queen of kitchen appliances due to their versatility and usefulness for food preparation. However, these handy tools have come a long way since their early introduction in 1946 when Electrostar brought the Starmix to the masses. Nowadays, their are models for all types of foodies with everything from expensive restaurant-grade models to beginner budget models and everything in between. With a little knowledge one can shop for a new kitchen helpmate that will be ideal for their individual preferences and desires.

The Bosch MCM33501 is one of the top food processors that has a lot to offer at a relatively cheap price point. At right around $100 it has over 50 functions which include slicing, grading, chopping and blending. One downfall is that it may not be as fast as some of the more expensive machines, but for a smaller sized kitchen that may be a trade-off that is worth it. As with most of the others in this lineup, it is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.

The Panasonic MK-F800 makes the next slot in this food processor lineup. It is another level up at about the $300 range, but has a lot to compensate for this extra bit in price. Back in the early days of food processors electric motors were quite expensive which meant that it would be best if there was something else that the unit could do during the time that food preparation was not vital. In those days, the Starmax was even able to disconnect and run a vacuum cleaner.

Now, this Panasonic model may not live up to all of that vintage greatness, but it does have a touchscreen panel with 5 automatic programs. It is designed for larger kitchens because it is heavy and large enough that it will practically become a new fixture on a counter-top somewhere.

The Andrew James Food Process with Blender is another fine choice that once again falls in at the sub-$100 range. It is a baseline model with all of the necessities and the safety features that have become standard to prevent operation when the blades are exposed. It may be prone to the plastic splitting, but if so then customer service is excellent.

The UK had its first ever model known as the Magimix, and that word can often still be synonymous with food processing in that great country. Speaking, David, blogger at Zozanga, said, “The Magimix 5200XL is one of the more modern offspring which delivers everything necessary to up the ante with recipes everywhere from home economics classes to small diners.”