Gorgeous Curved Displays From Samsung Geared Towards Gamers

March 22, 2017
Curved Displays From Samsung

It is no question that Samsung is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to TVs and monitors today. They are one of the first TV makers to aggressively produce some of the best TV monitors in recent years. They have spent thousands of dollars innovating in the TV sector, and it is paying off quite handsomely for them. This time they are looking to enter the gaming monitor world and get a crack at the leading manufacturers and giving them a run for their money.

Inasmuch as curved monitors are the latest in the design trends of TVs and monitors in the last few years, Samsung has entered the arena by fielding in their own take on the iconic curved screen and they intend to take a major share of the market for curved gaming monitors. To kick things off, they are coming out with two new models in the curved monitor arena specifically intended for gamers:

First, the compact CFG70, and the ultra wide, ultra immersive CF791. They are modestly priced at $399 and $999, respectively.

“Not too bad for a new entry into the field, but they are a proven name when it comes to TV optics, so we can’t consider them as new comers altogether.”, says Jonas from Armchair Empire.

At first glance, the CFG70 manages to look like a regular gaming monitor without having to resort to extra sharp angles or glaring red lights. What makes it stand out is the big blue LED light running on the bottom edge of the screen, which illuminates your peripherals while the machine is in gaming mode, whatever game you’re playing. This is an excellent feature especially if you’re playing with the room lights off or set to dim.

Another unique feature which isn’t present in any monitor I have encountered is a ball joint socket connecting the monitor to its stand. This connection makes it very easy to adjust the monitor for your perfect viewing angle and height, as well as swivel it to its side in case you need to use the display in portrait orientation.

The basic model is 24 inches, but there is also a 27-inch variant which will come in at $499, both of these models pack in a 1080p Full HD screen and a lightning-quick 1ms response time. It also comes with FreeSync technology support, to minimize lag and tearing during game play.

On the other hand, the CF791 is packed with Quad HD native resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixel ultra wide mode. The 34-inch display is excellent for playing in any of your favourite FPS mode games, but will also work well with any other gaming modes you wish to play on. Like the smaller CFG70, this model also supports AMD’s Fressync, although it comes in at a refresh rate of only 4milliseconds. The chassis of the monitor is finished in silver which could fit in well with your house decor.

Both models feature Samsung’s proprietary quantum dot design technology which is also found in Samsung’s high-end Television sets. Quantum dot displays a ton of colours in excellent brightness which is both easy on the eyes and a thing of beauty, all without consuming much power. This mode should be ideal for marathon gaming sessions or for tournament modes.