Home Vacuum Sealing Perks!

March 8, 2017
Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing is a great thing to do in the home. It is good for food, clothes, and bulky items. While the initial cost may be a bit more than what you would like to pay, the savings in time and money can be great!

Starting in the kitchen, vacuum sealing food is well known. It helps keep the food fresh. You can even use it for meal prep! All you would have to do is put the meat in the bag with the seasonings and seal it up till you are ready to use it. Cutting up snacks and putting them in the bags are good too for something quick and easy to grab in the future.

If you work all week and hate cooking at home, planning ahead and preparing your week or even a couple of weeks worth of meals can be done with vacuum sealing the dinners all prepared and ready to just cook. That also eliminates the need for keeping the bulky boxes and containers foods come in, leaving you with more space in your freezer and refrigerator. If you opt for a model like the FoodSaver V4880 ( then you’ll get all of these perks and more!

You can move your new appreciation for vacuum sealing to the closet too! They make large clothing bags to store bulky or less worn items in. This is the perfect solution for winter coats and large sweaters that are only worn when it is cold out. It opens up more closet space because by vacuum sealing, you are taking the air out of the bag.

The bulky winter coats will be more compressed in the bag. You can also use it to store more formal ware that isn’t always needed such as suits and dresses. This will keep dust off of them and they will look nice when you pull them out for the next occasion.

Other good uses are for storing the large bed comforters that you rarely use and pillows. That makes redecorating so much easier because you won’t have to worry about the other bed set taking up a lot of room! Not only will it save you storage space, but also by sealing it shut you are keeping out the dust mites, moths, and other allergens or pests that may get to the unused items.

You won’t have to wash the items before using them next time which will save money and time! You also won’t have to replace the items if you notice something got spilled on them or they got attacked by moths.

The initial cost may have you asking yourself if you really need a vacuum sealer for your home. In the long run, the savings between your time and money will more than make up for the cost. It will also help keep you more organized and keep everything from food to clothes and pillows fresh for a longer time. It will also open up more storage in the kitchen and other rooms as well. Vacuum sealing will be your next favorite money saving task!